Welcome to Coached By Lindsay Davies.  I am an Online Coach, MNU Certified Nutritionist & Personal Trainer.


As a busy busy Mum of two running my own business, I know just how hectic life can be. I help people invest more time into themselves, putting an end to yo-yo dieing by overcoming "all-or nothing" thinking & teaching them how to maintain a healthy body weight long-term. 


Whether you are looking to increase muscle, lose fat or simply improve your health & behaviours, I will work closely with you & guide you through an individualised training programme & teach you how to manage your daily food intake with a flexible approach suitable to your needs & lifestyle.


I am truly passionate about Nutrition & Fitness. When I was younger I swam for amateur swimming clubs, which played a big part in my love for fitness & health, however, this did have a darker side. As I became a teenager I was far more aware of my body image than most. Wearing a swimming costume five days a week made me become very self conscious. Looking back I really did suffer with body dysmorphia. I'd go through diet phases, restrictive behaviours & meal skipping, only to end up back at square one or worse. When I gave up swimming I gained weight due to the lack of exercise, I had left school by then & my job was sedentary. I wanted to know more about fitness & nutrition & break the all-or-nothing cycle I was stuck in & learn to appreciate my body. This is my "why"?


Fast-forward, I feel very grateful to be able to encourage, motivate & challenge my clients to reach their goals, increase their self-confidence & change their lifestyle's to ultimately be the best they can be.


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