What others say about Lindsay...

I had genuinely tried it all & did I get anywhere? ...Maybe for a month or two & then ended up back at square one ultimately.


Truth is, I wasn't even equipped correctly to step into the starting blocks, let alone participate in the game when it came to the gym, eating right etc.


Now though, it is a VERY different story. My journey with Lindsay has been quite literally life changing!


Linds put me in the starting blocks with all the right tools & knowledge to actually succeed! She has been absolutely fabulous & her support shown is second to none.


As a coach, she doesn't just train you but sets you up to think differently & ultimately empowers you with being able to deal with all of it - learning about nutrition properly, dealing with food woes (that we all have from time to time) & how to become balanced.


Pardon the cliche but it's true what they say, you have to enjoy the journey to do it successfully & having someone like Lindsay will do just that, 100% & then some!


Claire H

What Claire's Partner Dan says... 

My girlfriend had often expressed a desire to get in better shape which usually culminated in almost exclusively eating salads, lots of fruit & an over-reliance on using a treadmill, the net result of which was often fatigue &, ultimately, failure to achieve her goal. I was frustrated that my well-intended suggestions of weight training were being met with scepticism & a general reluctance to venture further into the gym. I believe that sometimes - no matter whether you're right or wrong - certain advice isn't best given/received by your partner. Realising this & also that there was a genuinely intimidating factor for her being a novice in such a male-dominiated environment, I wanted to seek professional help for her because I could see how much she wanted to change her physique. I knew a Personal Trainer was the right solution, particularly if one could steer her away from the mainstream misconceptions surrounding women's weight-lifting & nutrition.


Having trained at the same gym as Lindsay for a few years myself, I had observed her training with clients & was adamant that my girlfriend would flourish with that type of guidance. I approached Lindsay through social media & agreed to buy a block-booking of sessions which I gave as a Christmas present to my girlfriend in 2016. The changes were instant & profound. Lindsay has given her such a passion for training that has continued to this day & changed her appearance to an extent that she never believed she would acheive. The nutritional guidance has proved invaluable & was arguably the single most significant eye-opener for her; Lindsay has completely changed her relationship with food & how to self-manage her diet.


I would implore anyone whose partner is struggling on their own journey to introduce them to Lindsay. I was worried about the stigma surrounding giving my partner PT sessions as a gift but Lindsay ensured it was delivered with the affection with which it was intended. It's proven itself to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I first met Lindsay from doing Body Combat classes three & a half years ago. I was nothing special, in my 40's with 3 kids. I had lost some weight & felt lost as to where to go next as I was killing myself with cardio & was not making any progress. I didn't know if this was the right move but I was so wrong. Having that first conversation with Lindsay was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


I started PT sessions in the gym & more importantly my nutrition. Lindsay's knowledge of this was incredible & totally changed my view of food & that "less was not best". My beliefs around food changed very quickly with her guidance & showing me how to view food more positively & that we needed it to fuel the training sessions to make the progress required.


We fed my body & we trained hard & we lost all the cardio & focused on lifting heavy. My body responded so well to Lindsay's guidance, support, encouragement & the mantra "Trust the Process"


Lindsay's belief in me totally transformed me, not only physically but mentally too. I have learnt so much about my body & I'm continuing to do so everyday.


With the transformation we made we decided to showcase this on stage, which I never in my wildest dreams would have believed this could of happened. I would never have been able to do this without the support, belief & sheer determination Lindsay showed me. I placed 2nd & this was just the start...


I can't thank Lindsay enough for what she has done for me, she became more than my coach in so many ways & has genuinely changed my life more than I can ever put into words.


If you are on the fence about coaching, just do it, send the email, make the call, it will be one of the best investments you will make for yourself & you will never look back!




Suzanne M

I have been a client of Lindsay's for five years! She has become so much more than a trainer, she has completely changed my life. I met Lindsay in a gym class in which she was the trainer & from that moment I was inspired by her motivation & drive.


Five years ago, when I met her, I was in a bad place with an eating disorder & a pretty negative view on myself & food combined.


Through her understanding, help & support I started to become stronger & healthier, both physically & mentally.  She helped me view food again in a healthy & positive way & taught me that the body needs to use this as fuel.


Lindsay inspired me to completely change my career path & I began working within the fitness industry.


After some time working with Lindsay & seeing some major changes, we decided I was ready to be taken to stage to compete in body building competitions.  I placed in each event with the final one earning me an invite to the Worlds competition.


I could not describe in words how grateful & thankful I am for having Lindsay in my life & turning it around into such a positive one. She will always be an inspiration to me, as I know she will be to others. I have been extremely lucky to work with her, she has given so much time, effort & support over the years. If you are looking for the same then do not hesitate to reach out to her, I promise you won't regret it.







Holly W

Fast approaching 40 I decided that I no longer wanted to be overweight, tired all the time & referred to as a big girl! I set myself a target that I would complete a month of H.I.I.T.CAMP & then probably go back to evening classes once or twice a week when I could fit it in. Two years later, I'm still attending H.I.I.T.CAMP 3 mornings a week & cannot believe what a big part of my life it has become. For me as a mum of 2 young children & working full time, exercise in the past tended to easily get cancelled & I could not keep to a regular routine. However, with H.I.I.T.CAMP I am back home before my children & husband are awake & I don't have to worry about fitting exercise in around children's homework or swimming lessons.

H.I.I.T.CAMP changed my focus, my body shape, my perception of exercise, my energy levels & so much more, indeed I find it hard to recognise my old self? It has increased my confidence & I have also made some really good friends.

Once I started to see the changes in me from attending it was a huge motivation to continue, however, the one main reason for me getting up at 5:30am 3 mornings a week is Lindsay. I have never known Lindsay to take a class half heartedly even at 6:15am, her enthusiasm is immense & she gives her all to each class! Her passion & knowledge for fitness make every session different & interesting without ever being intimidating. I have never felt bored & I'm still learning new techniques & exercises every session.

Lindsay's Insanity classes are my new addiction, 50 minutes of such a tough workout leaving you feeling like you have earned your weekend!


Nicola K

After having four children in 8 years I gained a considerable amount of weight & went from a size 10 to a size 16 - 18! In Nov 2012 something 'clicked' & I was determined to lose weight & change my body shape. I joined Slimming World & by Christimas I lost a whopping 1st 12.5lbs!


In Jan 2013 I decided I wanted to start a fitness class.  Having little co-ordination & not really enjoying dance/aerobic classes I decided Lindsay's Metafit classes were the way forward for me.  Plus it is over very quickly so its ideal for a busy Mum with four children! After participating in Lindsay's classes for 6-8 weeks I noticed my body shape began to change, my arms & thighs had muscle definition & I had lost inches from around my waist, hips & thighs. I also found the more classes I attended the bigger weight loss I'd have which spurred me on.


Early May 2013 I reached my target weight. In just under 6 months I'd lost 3st 12.5lbs & dropped 3 dress sizes! I never thought I'd hear myself say I enjoy exercise but I do now, I feel happier, fitter, stronger & energized!


I also participated in the July 2013 FitNutrish Workshop which was very worthwhile, a real eye opener to what we are putting into our bodies & the effects certain food types have on us. Very beneficial if you are wanting to lose a few pounds healthily. As always I felt like Lindsay had made me work hard :)


I cannot thank Lindsay enough. She helped & encouraged me to reach my goal by offering lots of practical knowledge & advice along the way.


Teresa C

FitNutrish Retreat...I had a truly amazing weekend and everything was well organised and well planned...you both did ace! The only negative was coming home I could of stayed another day....thanks again!


Claire O 

In October 2013 I decided to commit to a new exercise regime.  18 months earlier I received some medical results regarding my fertility & discovered that I had a very small chance of conceiving naturally.  Although my problems weren't caused by me being overweight, I was unable to have the necessary operation as there were too many risks involved.  I managed to lose just under 4 stone but found myself struggling to keep up the momentum.


A friend of mine had been attending Lindsay's H.I.I.T.CAMP® & said how great it was. I contacted Lindsay & explained my situation & she responded straight away. I decided to sign up. I was nervous on my first day, although I had lost a good amount of weight I was unfit & still a larger lady. I needn't have worried, Lindsay was extremely welcoming as were the other members of the group. Throughout the workouts Lindsay would give me modifications of the exercises if I was struggling & always gave encouragement & motivation. I was also surprised how energised I felt in work after the early starts, which I soon got used to.


I decided to speak Lindsay about nutrition as although the exercise was going great I had hit a wall with my dieting & was worried that my next fertility appointment was looming. Lindsay gave me lots of ideas & tips & soon I noticed the lbs coming away.


Even when I acheive my targets I know that I will always attend Lindsay's H.I.I.T.CAMP® & other classes as she has shown me so much support & motivation. I never thought that I would enjoy exercise but I absolutely love it & I'm convinced that this is down to the professional, motivating & passionate attitude she brings to her classes.


I have recently had a fertility appointment & I am close to where I need to be for my operation. I can now look forward & feel exicited rather than anxious & Lindsay has played a massive part in getting me to this point.


Amy H

From the first H.I.I.T.CAMP® session with Lindsay, I knew I'd finally found the course for me.  No dancing around just direct hard core exercises that push you. The sessions are different each time so no getting bored of the same workout and with the sessions being high intensity they are quick & over before you know it. It fits in great with my young family & it means I'm done & dusted for the day.  I've noticed a definate improvement in my fitness & my body shape since starting HIITCAMP.  I don't know what I would do without H.I.I.T.CAMP® in my life! Give it a try!


I have also tried the Fitness & Nutrition Workshop. This was a fantastic workshop which I'd recommend to others. The 2 high intensity workouks were great, motivating you to be fitter & healthier.  A very enjoyable day.


Lindsay H

After having my baby girl in March 2011, I gained a little over 2 stone in weight & was shocked at how my body shape had changed. I desperately wanted to get back into shape. It was difficult at first as I breast fed for 6 months it limited what I could do exercise wise. I shifted weight by following a calorie controlled diet using Rosemary Conley's Solo Slim meals which worked brilliantly for me as they are so easy to follow. After losing around 1.5 stone I started going to Lindsay's Body Pump class.  I have never been very co ordinated & didn't enjoy dance/aerobic classes so this was great for me.


My first thought was 'I want to look like her'! But it isn't just about the way she looks herself. She has amazing energy, is highly motivating & her attention to detail makes sure you are getting the most out of the moves & not putting yourself at risk of injury.


Lindsay has now brought Body Combat & Metafit to my local gym which are equally as good & doing these classes along with maintaining a healthy diet has transformed my body shape. I am now fitter & stronger than I have ever been & I'm working on my six pack! Putting aside the physical & aesthetic benefits of doing Lindsay's classes, it has helped me become more confident & gives me so much more energy. I have made new friends & now see my workouts as a pleasure, not something I just 'have' to do.  Thanks Lindsay x


Jessica S

FitNutrish Retreat Amazing...it ticked ALL the boxes for me, great workouts, great nutritional food and information and an amazing group of girls, our room was lovely, would do it again no probs, keep the great working partnership going....IT'S WORKING... Love to you both X.


Lynda Mc

I did a Nutrtion workshop with Lindsay & Lisa and learnt lots of nutrition tips and advice. Lindsay's workout was amazing, she is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever trained with. Her workout was really tough. Fab day! Well done girls :)


Kelly Mc

I've been a seriously keen gym goer for 20 years & though not a fan of 'classes' I was introduced to Lindsay & she & her style have become an integral part of my training week.


Her style is direct, no nonesense & knowledgeable. No silly dance steps or fluffy work outs. She pushes me & I feel she manages to strike the balance between running a class & individually spotting with a little personal training brilliantly.

Roseanne S

Lindsay is an excellent instructor. Her Body Pump, Body Combat & Metafit classes are demanding but she supports and encourages you throughout. Her enthusiasm & drive to get the best results for everyone is inspiring. I have seen a vast improvement in my overall fitness & strength since starting her classes.


Neil P

I've been a gym regular for twenty years & started taking Lindsay's classes.


Lindsay's passion for fitness is clear in the energy & enthusiasm she brings to each class. She is a great motivator & will push you to the limit, whilst also making a good craic & is always very professional.


I've no hesitation in recommending Lindsay if you want to work hard, get results & enjoy the process. She is a fantastic instructor...& she seems to be made of iron!


Chris H

Lindsay is a brilliant motivator.  Her enthusiasm and passion has really changed my outlook on fitness.  Her Body Pump, Body Combat and MetaFit classes are a must for anyone serious about getting fit.


Linda O

There's nothing worse than an unfit, under-motivated gym instructor & I've come across many over the years. As soon as you step into one of Lindsay's Group Fitness classes you instantly know that you are about to be worked hard, leaving nothing behind & will walk away feeling fitter, stronger & more motivated than before (even if the class starts at 6:15am)!


Lindsay combines specialist knowledge, personal experience & an infectious 'go get 'em' attitude into every single one of her classes, which is the perfect combination. Whatever your goal: fitness, performance or weight loss, Lindsay's classes will help you to achieve that goal with a smile on your face & a bit of a laugh & giggle along the way!


Lottie D

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